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Building happy homes and thriving communities.

Increasing the stability of individual families provides a jump-start to a self-sufficient community.

Happy starts at home.

Okodwela supports the construction of homes in rural areas in Africa to contribute to the stability of individual families. It aims to increase employment opportunities for local communities, develop sustainable income, and advance education. Happy homes create thriving communities!

Okodwela = Happy

Together, we can change lives. Brick by Brick. 



Unstable living conditions often prevent children from receiving an education.



Employing local craftsman to build homes and allowing families to rent one room to generate sustainable income.

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Partnering with local advisors to increase the stability of individual families to enhance a self-sufficient, thriving community.


Clean Water

Every family member per home are equipped with a water filter bottle, providing sustainable access to clean water.

Our Mission

Supporting African communities to develop secure housing, employment, education, and happiness.

In the regions that Okodwela supports, each Okodwela (happy) community has different needs. Individual sites are chosen and project goals are established through communication and partnership with local community leaders. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to support these communities through secure housing, employment, and education.

Why Homes?

Changing lives, brick by brick.

Families often experience homelessness or insufficient housing in the regions that Okodwela aims to support. This can expose children and families to a variety of dangers, limited access to clean water, violence, and a decrease in employment and education opportunities. Together, we can change that.


We plan to provide families with a furnished home containing mattresses, pillows, solar lantern, a water purifier, and a toilet. Homes will also be outfitted with an extra room available for rent to help generate a sustainable form of income for each family. We employ local craftsman to assist in the construction, furnishing, and completion of homes.

Together, we can change lives.

Together, we can provide a lifetime of self-sufficiency and self-reliance through stable housing, clean water, education, and employment. Through the generosity of your partnerships and giving, we can supply local families with their very own plot of land, a fully furnished home, create sustainable jobs, and build happy, thriving communities.


is a registered 501(c)(3) organization!

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