Okodwela Employment Project

We provide support and resources to local entrepreneurs in starting and growing their

own business.  

Okodwela strongly believes in assisting individuals with the necessary resources to start and grow their own business. In do so, it contributes to foster an environment of creativity and financial sustainability and independence. 

We provide skills training, developing business plans, and financial support through the sales of their products where appropriate.

Okodwela also works together with local community members to understand the needs of employment positions in the area. Together, they create new positions for employment, train, and then hire community members for any job created. 

Okodwela Creates Business Opportunities!

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Our Progess

Jobs Created


December 9, 2018

Construction Workers

We've hired 21 construction workers since December 2019 for the Okodwela Home Project to assist in the building of homes in the

the surrounding rural areas of

Livingstone, Zambia.


December 28, 2018

Peanut Machine

Purchased machinery to support the dream

of a self-owned business for a local

Meloni Village women.


Handmade Happy By: Vannesa

April 1, 2019

Created Handmade Happy

By: Vanessa; business for a local tailor to make

and sell handmade items around Zambia and around the world. 



August 13, 2019

We hired 1 local, Zambian,  photographer/videographer to document various Okodwela projects.


Security Guard

February 1, 2020

We hired one Security Guard at the Linda Community School. His job entails looking after the security at the school for both teachers and students. 



February 1, 2020

We hired one Caretaker position at the Linda Community School for a local community member. Her job entails maintaining the school grounds and taking care of the school garden.


School Chefs

October 27, 2020

We hired three community member Chefs to cook lunch for the Feeding Program at the Linda Community School 4 days a week for 560 students.

Builders - Andrew, Withus,

Portfa, Lubasi, Kebby,

Mwansa, Evans

Okodwela Construction Team

The Okodwela Construction team employs 7 local builders from the surrounding areas of Livingstone, Zambia. The specific jobs apart of the team include a construction manager, brick layers, and daka boys. Together, the team averages building one house in just 17 days. 



March 9, 2019

We hired one Family Services Manager to

serve as the first point of contact

within the community to complete

family assessments.

Family Services Manager


Security Guard

February 1, 2020

We hired one Security Guard at the Linda Community School for a local community member. His job entails looking after the securoty at the Linda 


Tailor - Vanessa

Handmade Happy By: Vanessa

Located in the Dambwa Central Market, Zambian native, Vanessa,

finds her happy in sewing various African fabrics and Okodwela is honored to provide support and resources to the Handmade Happy By: Vanessa business.  


Proceeds from the sale of each item made benefits Handmade Happy By: Vanessa and Okodwela.