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Get Involved!

Together, we can provide a lifetime of self-sufficiency and self-reliance through stable housing, clean water, education, and employment.


Through volunteering, it is our hope that you will come to deeply understand the culture and needs of each family and community we serve. Okodwela is committed to prioritizing local labor for every project - if we can get the job done by hiring local workers that's what we do!

If you believe you have a relevant skill set to offer, would like to volunteer your time, and/or help us organize or run an event, please contact us at


We are extremely thankful and delighted by the support and initiative that has been shown by the community! From personal fundraising events, jewelry sales, donated proceeds from sales at a store and/or restaurant, selling homemade items, or running a race; we are forever grateful for your contributions.


If you are interested in fundraising for Okodwela or organizing your own event, please contact us


We believe partnership is the cornerstone of Okodwela’s operations and of all that we seek to achieve.  On the frontlines, craftsman and program participants partner with Okodwela staff to achieve all aspects of self-sufficiency.

There is a vital role for your business or organization to partner with Okodwela to further our mission. We seek donations of goods, services, financial support and more to further our impact.


If you are interested in partnering and want to be a part of carrying out Okodwela’s mission, please contact us at


We would love to connect with you!

Thank you for your support!

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