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Okodwela Home Project

We build homes, create employment, and provide support for families in the surrounding rural areas of Livingstone, Zambia.

Upon completion of a family assessment, homes are built by pairing Okodwela resources with local labor and materials. Each home is built on it’s own plot of land, will have two rooms, and will be equipped with a toilet, individual water purifier bottles per family member, mattresses, pillows, and a title/deed for lifetime ownership.  A two-room home will give each family the option to live in one room, while renting out the second to help generate a sustainable income.


Okodwela works with a local builder and his team to design and oversee construction. We provide resources to purchase local materials and hire workers to complete construction. Okodwela also conducts individual family need assessments to meet basic medical, educational, and household needs.

Our Progress

Okodwela Home Project


Homes Built

Okodwela has constructed 12 new homes since February 2019.


People Housed

Okodwela has provided secure housing for 44 people in the surrounding rural areas of Livingstone, Zambia.


Construction Workers Hired

Okodwela has hired 26 construction workers to assist in the building of homes in the Linda Compound, and the Meloni, Mulala, and Kabila Villages.



Okodwela has impacted 4 different communities in the surrounding rural areas of Livingstone, Zambia. We have homes in the Linda Compound and the Meloni, Mulala, and Kabila Villages.  


Okodwela Welcomes You to Zambia!

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Okodwela Fills Happy Homes!

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Okodwela Changes Lives, Brick by Brick! 

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Okodwela Supports Local Zambian Community!

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Okodwela Provides Support to

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Okodwela Creates Business Opportunities!

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Zambian Team


Builder – Construction Manager

Andrew is a local contract builder from the Mulala Village in Livingstone, Zambia. For the last 14 years, Andrew has specialized in a variety of construction skills that include building homes, roofing, plastering, ceiling, painting, skimming, and building a water tower to serve up to 15 families at a time. Andrew and his team will oversee the design and construction for the Okodwela Home Project.  


 Okodwela Zambia Chairperson

An international charity partner, well-known local philanthropist, and principal, Catherine has dedicated her life to serving the families of Livingstone, Zambia. Catherine will serve as the first point of contact within the community to complete family assessments, due to both her extensive knowledge of Livingstone’s vulnerabilities and experience with partner charities.


 Project Manager

Amanda has worked with domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking survivors for the last 10 years, holds a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and has traveled to 20+ countries. Amanda has always had an interest in providing assistance to enhance human welfare and most recently discovered additional happiness in taking it to a global level. She is committed to working with local community members, partners of the project, and those who support Okodwela’s mission to provide the components of a happy home! As Project Manager she will oversee the family selection process, ensure completion of each home, and manage various projects to support the mission.

Okodwela Homes 


Irene, John, Celia, and Harrison

Meloni Village, Livingstone, Zambia

December 9, 2018

After learning that 7-year-old daughter Celia had a heart condition, Irene had to stop working to stay home and care for Celia and her one year old son, Harrison. This caused financial strain and resulted in Irene’s 9-year-old son, John, missing school to provide for his family. By supporting the construction of a two-room home in the Meloni Village, Irene now has the opportunity to generate income  by renting one room to another family. This lets Irene care for her own children and allows John to attend school again.


Beauty, Patrick, Cecilia, Titus, and Victoria

Mulala Village, Livingstone, Zambia

December 20, 2018

Beauty, Patrick and their children, Cecilia, age 7, Titus, age 5, and Victoria 14 months, lived in a home in the Meloni Village that was built using mud and tree branches. The house was caving in due to rain and was in danger of collapsing. It also sat along a river which was home to dangerous animals such as hippos and crocodiles. Beauty, who suffers from a medical illness, and Titus who suffers from a hernia, spend a significant amount of time at the local clinic. Supporting the construction of a two-room brick home in the Mulala Village has given them a new sense of security with more time to attend to their health concerns.


Linda Community School 

Linda Compound, Livingstone, Zambia

August 12, 2019

The Linda Community School, located in the Linda Compound in Livingstone, Zambia served 460 orphaned and vulnerable children. The new home on the school grounds will house a family in need of shelter, as well as serve as a home for the security guard for the school. In doing so, this will allow the family member to be able to financially provide for the family and also provides 24/7 security for the school. This connection to the future family who fills this home will create a unique kind of Happy that serves a growing families needs while enhancing the school community.