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Mulala Village, Livingstone, Zambia

December 20, 2018


The Linda Community School, located in the Linda Compound in Livingstone, Zambia served 460 orphaned and vulnerable children. The new home on the school grounds will house a family in need of shelter, as well as serve as a home for the security guard for the school. In doing so, this will allow the family member to be able to financially provide for the family and also provides 24/7 security for the school. This connection to the future family who fills this home will create a unique kind of Happy that serves a growing families needs while enhancing the school community. 


Kabila Village, Livingstone, Zambia

August 19, 2019

Febby is the primary parent for both her children, Davis and Godfrey, ages 12 and 27, as well as her nephews, Emanuel and Peason, ages 11 and 12.  Their current home in the Kablia village is built from iron sheets and blankets secured by large rocks.  The risk of this home collapsing at any minute is extremely high.  Febby has been caring for her nephew for the last 7 years and travels to Zimbabwe daily to sell good, as this is her only source of income.  Only Emanuel is able to attend the local school due to lack of space in the classrooms.  Supporting the construction of a two-room home will provide the family with additional security and protection from the elements.


Janet, along with her three children, and two grandchildren, lived in a 1 room home in the Meloni Village. In 2011, Janet's first husband passed away and just three years later, her second husband was murdered while on duty as a security guard. Janet has been a single mother to all the children in the home since. In providing a new, secure 2-room home for the growing family, Janet can focus on building her business, the children can focus on their education, and together they can have adequate space to continuing thriving in their community. 


Mulala Village, Livingstone, Zambia

January 29, 2020 

Vicknes and her twin boys, Joseph and Favor, who are both in Grade 4 at the Linda Community School, lived in a home in the Mulala village built from mud and sticks. The back wall of the home was in poor condition, to the point of near collapsing. Mother Vicknes suffers from a medical illness that forces her to be at the hospital on a weekly basis, leaving the children in an unsecured home. With the construction of a new home, the boys and Vicknes can now feel safe and secure while continuing to enhance their education and focus on their health. 


Great Aunt Ettambuya moved to Livingstone, Zambia from the Western Province after the parent's to 11-year-old, Ettamybuya, and sister, Mwaka, age 2, tragically passed away in a canoe accident. She also took in dependent, Slyvester, age 7, and together, the family lived in a one room mud-style house in the Meloni Village. Without giving it a second thought, Ettambuya quickly uprooted her life in western Zambia and without knowing anyone in Livingstone, she began to provide the best life she could for the children. With the construction of a new, secure home in the Kabila Village, Ettambuya can continue to focus on providing for her new immediate family through employment opportunities, while worrying less about stable housing. With ownership of the new home in the children's names, they will never have to worry about their future living arrangements and can focus on their education.


Kabila Village, Livingstone, Zambia

June 2, 2020 

Fridah, a single mother to Vanessa, 24yo, Jonathan, 18yo, and twins Fridah and Brian, 3 yo, lived in a one-room home built from mud and sticks in the Meloni Village. Fridah is a highly active member in the community, volunteering her time at the local clinic assisting with HIV testing and also serving on the Parent School Committee at the Linda Community School. Fridah helps with the feeding program for over 500 students at the school. Having adequate space for Fridah and her family will allow them to come home each day after all their hard work in the community to a safe, comfortable space.  With ownership of the new home in the children's names, they will never have to worry about their future living arrangements and can focus on their education.


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